Book Four | Secrets of the Blue and Gray

A fascinating historical novel of grit, valor, and resilience

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October 1864. After years of spying for the Union, Hattie Logan longs for victory and a chance to start a new life with Lieutenant John Elliott. But when her brother, George, summons her to Canada, she discovers how desperate the Rebels are to prevail.

When the famous actor John Wilkes Booth and a mysterious veiled lady rouse Hattie’s suspicions, she tells herself she’s only imagining trouble. But then George is poisoned, and Hattie finds herself embroiled in a web involving some of the South’s most powerful figures. Joining forces with Booth’s former lover Alice Gray, she tracks down the dangerous men—and women—who’ll stop at nothing to have their way.

The trails Hattie follows lead her to a startling revelation: there’s a plot afoot involving President Abraham Lincoln. The logical course—and the easiest—is to discount her suspicions. But if she ignores what her heart says is true, the future she envisions may well be lost.

A gripping tale of courage, devotion, and hope during the turbulent final months of America’s Civil War. Perfect for readers of Lisa Wingate, Martha Hall Kelly, and Glen Craney.

Book Four of the Secrets of the Blue and Gray series featuring women spies in the American Civil War.

Secrets of the Blue and Gray

The Tidewater Chronicles

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