Prequel Novella | Secrets of the Blue and Gray


A vivid, heartwarming story of a woman who defies her circumstances with remarkable grit and pluck to claim her place in history.

May 1861. Union soldiers are mustering, and fearless, defiant Hattie Logan longs to escape Miss Whitcomb’s straitlaced Ladygrace School for Girls and do her part for the cause. When she meets Allen Pinkerton and learns his detective agency hires women, she longs for the adventurous life of a spy. But her overbearing mother has other plans, and Hattie’s recklessness only makes matters worse. An encounter with a slave catcher and the courageous woman he’s pursuing tests Hattie’s mettle. Does she really have what it takes to do the secretive work of a spy? Inspired by an actual Pinkerton operative and rendered with rich historical details, this page-turning novella of an unforgettable young woman will capture your heart. A triumphant story of courage based on little-known histories of women in the American Civil War.

Secrets of the Blue and Gray

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