Book Two | Secrets of the Blue and Gray

Inspired by the spellbinding yet little-known adventures of female Civil War spies, a sweeping epic of women whose courage and resilience helped turn the tide of war.

March 1863. Union spy Hattie Logan makes a harrowing escape from Libby Prison with one goal in mind. She’s determined to track down double agent Luke Blackstone and make him pay for betraying her and the man she intended to marry. Her desire for vengeance takes her to Tennessee, where she teams up with fiery and unpredictable actress-turned-spy Pauline Carlton.

John Elliott, the handsome, ambitious officer in charge of their spying, has his own reasons from wanting Blackstone brought to justice. He also has feelings for Hattie, and when Pauline goes behind enemy lines, he tries to hold her back. But the women have other plans, and when the Battle of Chickamauga erupts, they find themselves in constant danger. Then enemy forces capture Pauline, and Hattie faces one of the most difficult choices of her life.

A moving story of friendship, love, and courage that will capture your heart.

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Secrets of the Blue and Gray

The Tidewater Chronicles

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