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The Secrets of the Blue and Gray boxset features four captivating historical novels that delve deep into the hidden world of female spies during the American Civil War. This thrilling collection takes readers on a remarkable journey through history where courage, resilience, and love intertwine.

In The Courier's Wife, Hattie Logan embarks on a daring mission, posing as a spy alongside courier Thom Welton. But when a family secret is revealed, Hattie must confront a double agent and the ghosts of her own past.

Enemy Lines takes readers on a harrowing journey as Hattie seeks vengeance against double agent Luke Blackstone. Teaming up with the fiery Pauline Carlton, Hattie uncovers a treacherous plot behind enemy lines, testing her resolve and loyalty.

In Gray Waters, Hattie finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of secrets and trust. Paired with former Confederate spy Mollie Pitman, she uncovers a plot to raid a prison island, forcing her to question the boundaries of friendship and loyalty.

The thrilling conclusion, A Fond Hope, follows Hattie's race against time to thwart a plot to destroy cities and kidnap President Abraham Lincoln. With a cast of intriguing characters, Hattie's courage and determination shine as she navigates a treacherous world.

Drawing inspiration from the hidden histories of real-life women spies, these captivating novels weave a tapestry of courage, resilience, friendship, and love against the backdrop of a nation torn apart. Immerse yourself in a world of danger, intrigue, and the extraordinary feats of these remarkable women.

What readers are saying about Secrets of the Blue and Gray…

“One of the best series I’ve read.”

“I love books with strong female characters and this series definitely has a number of strong females on both sides of the war. I’m also a fan of spy novels and this series has it all – spies, Civil War, strong female characters. I was hooked from the start!”

“As a lover of history—especially the aspects of it that aren't well known, including the stories of the unsung heroes and heroines that make a difference—I absolutely adore historical fiction like this.”

“A well-done series by a talented author. Highly recommended.”

“I love how well developed each character is. They are each multi-dimensional and have their strengths as well as their faults. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and strong women characters!”

Secrets of the Blue and Gray

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