Book Three | The Tidewater Chronicles

Phantom or illusion? History holds the key.

Haunted by her failures, Gilded Age girl reporter Jo Felch attends a series of séances hosted by the enigmatic medium Serephina Spencer, who seems to possess uncanny abilities. As Jo investigates the mysterious occurrences, she suspects a dangerous alliance that aims to put her newspaper out of business. Determined to expose the truth, she makes a startling discovery. In a thrilling showdown, she unveils a web of deception and secrets, proving that her failures aren’t at all what they seem.

In the present day, bookshop owner Olivia Crawford becomes entangled in a mystery when a team filming a ghost-hunting show arrives in town. When a shocking incident leaves one of the crew members in a coma, Olivia teams up with her assistant, Naomi, to uncover the truth behind the accident. As they delve deeper into the mystery, Olivia confronts treachery, manipulation, and a connection that spans present and past, ultimately unraveling a mystery that saves a man’s life.

A riveting dual timeline historical mystery of redemption, friendship, and the courage to confront one's flaws while seeking the truth.

Secrets of the Blue and Gray

The Tidewater Chronicles

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