Book Five | The Tidewater Chronicles

Where secrets linger in the river breeze, follow the trail of deception…

Step back in time to 1892, when in a picturesque riverfront town, newspaper reporter Josephine Felch is celebrating her marriage to Noah Elliott. But the joyous occasion takes a dark turn when Patrick, her best friend's adopted son, goes missing. The mystery deepens as Patrick is found disoriented in the woods, telling tales of a mysterious woman and a barrel that holds secrets.

As Jo grapples with the complexities of her expanding newspaper business, what started as a local mystery entangles her in a web of deception, smuggling, and dark alliances. Unyielding in her pursuit of truth, she uncovers a sinister trade in human lives and illicit narcotics that leads her to the port city of Victoria, British Columbia, where a shocking revelation awaits.

In the present day of this quaint town with a storied past, bookshop owner Olivia Crawford's life takes an unexpected turn when her well-meaning but overbearing mother, Stephanie, arrives from Boston to help plan Olivia’s wedding to Ethan Reed, director of the local historical preservation society.

As Olivia tries to sidestep her mother’s interventions, a seemingly worthless porcelain jar thrusts her into a perilous investigation, unraveling a century-old conspiracy that someone seems desperate to keep buried. The mystery intensifies as Olivia's bookshop is vandalized and her apartment is burglarized. Then her mother goes missing, and Olivia must piece together the puzzle before it’s too late.

"The Smuggler's Secret" is a gripping dual-timeline historical mystery that weaves together the lives of two resilient women separated by time but connected by a town's buried secrets. Join Josephine Felch and Olivia Crawford as they navigate treacherous waters to unveil a smuggling ring's tangled web and bring justice to the shadows of a town’s past.

Secrets of the Blue and Gray

The Tidewater Chronicles

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